Aborned in Lisbon (Portugal), Rodrigo studied Industrial Design at the Lusíada University in Lisbon.
His education was much diversified learning how to create concepts inside the graphic, web and product design areas.
Since August 2005 Rodrigo got established in Witten, a city at the North Rhine Westphalia region in Germany to collaborate with Sanitec design studio in order to develop sanitary equipments for Keramag ceramics.
Since October 2005 the designer works on his private projects creating his own design studio, Neo Design.
His philosophy of design aims at creating a concept of everyday products. These creations unify functionality and aesthetics; they feature multifunctionality without lacking elegance and a contemporary freshness.
“I get my inspiration by observing people and their needs in our global and pluralistic culture and I’m sure that everybody would love to take at home a little bit of what shapes the modern era, even in a modest way.”

Vairinhos constantly creates juicy, unique and cutting-edge products featuring elegance and post-modern playfulness without lacking functionality. He carefully chooses warm and organic materials and uses simple local production techniques since he is enthused with the idea of developing stylish products fallowing the creation of uncomplicated shapes and a selection of basic materials.
The upcoming designer is highlighting his works with the exceptional use of his expressiveness and playfulness linked to a diverse colour pallet.

Vairinhos content product “strategy” is becoming an innovative quest for a poetical simplicity directing towards both the acute and the naïve, by a certain geometry, metaphorical and evocative, emotional and poetic. These products are somehow highlighting design simplicity and the tendency to a renewed use of the so called traditional materials, such as wood or ceramics and a growing interest by the impeccable traditional craftsman’s work and technique.
Vairinhos’s works were already approved by the big public and recognised by the International press.