“Featuring interesting and unique design possibilities, geometric shapes create the best ignition for creativity.”

Under this statement emerges the concept connected to the creation of the Chemistry armchair an upholstery modular equipment conceived to be as an individual armchair, a love seat for two, or in case of a stretched variation, a cosy and social sofa.
Elegant round and straight shapes are inviting to sit and to try a new seating experience.
Every shape, from the simple to the most complex, match perfectly in order to contribute for a homogeneous 3D composition.

Taking the alchemist’s task, Vairinhos tried to combine different levels of complexity on the same equipment, creating something close to a chemical formula or a love potion, a symbiosis between the purist-spiritual and the romantic-drama with the handmade details.

The equipment manufacture techniques are quite simple. The main body is produced in laser cuted polyurethane foam, which permits the whole equipment to be acceptably light, positioned over a frame of wood, covered at the end with a carefully combination of fine fabrics

The daring contrast of shapes and the Low seating height, creates a new impression of space and sophistication and at the same time the guarantee of integration on the most classic and modern environments.
Above all, there is something chemical, experimental and unexplainable about it: the interaction of “boiling molecules” and something just about to blow!
Pure passion, the “WOW effect” for observers.


1000mm x 1050 mm x 650 mm