Corky Lips is becoming one of the most successful projects created by Rodrigo Vairinhos.
The reason for such successful product is its concept being inspired in a “sensual-eco-friendly” conscience.
The designer meant to focus on sensual and pleasing shapes concealing at the same time with the use of organic and recyclable materials, which nowadays is so important to establish on people minds a new mentality.
The materials chosen to produce the composition were a basis of recyclable foam covered with cork leather.
The objective of this project meant to make use of cork's magnificent characteristics, materializing comfort and a highly aesthetic result, nearly taking this object to a sculptural level.
Cork is a truly renewable resource. Unlike wood, paper and other so called renewable materials, no trees are cut down to make cork products.
Anyway, Corky Lips won’t be directly related with a furniture typology: Chair? Rocking chair? Puff? “Interactive” sculpture?
The project manufacturing process produces a near zero waste stream and results in no toxic emissions and cork is a completely environmentally-friendly product.
Corky Lips is sexy, attractive and harmonious. The carefully chosen materials and the extravagant visual appearance of the seat provide an exiting experience for body and mind. The charming combination of foam and soft cork leather on the surface will allure the user to let go in these amorous lips.


780 x 500 x 780 mm


6,3 kg